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Wound, Surgical Scar and Stria Treatment

Wound, Surgical Scar and Stria Treatment Ankara

Treatment of wounds, surgical scars and stria is one of the areas where laser technology is most actively used today. Although wounds and stria do not cause serious health problems, they cause aesthetic concerns. Deep scars, especially on the visible parts of the body, can negatively affect a person’s choice of clothes and self-confidence. For this reason, it is often preferred to be treated. Thanks to today’s modern possibilities and developing technology, the treatment of wounds and stria can be done with laser. After laser sessions, which are very easy, comfortable and effective, there is a significant decrease in the appearance of the scars; mild wounds can be completely erased. To get detailed information about the use of laser in the treatment of wounds, surgical scars and stria, Dr. Love Kurtmaz can call; You can make an appointment.

How Are Wounds and Stria Treated?

We see that many people around us often complain of scars and stretch marks. These are skin defects that are permanent and difficult to treat. Its images also spoil the perfection of a smooth skin. Laser applications are the best option for people looking for solutions to wounds, surgical scars and stria. Unlike surgery, laser is a very advantageous option in the treatment of wounds and stria, as it is a procedure that gives results in a short time. The treatment of wounds and stria ensures that the skin has a healthy appearance, and it also makes the person feel good in his social life. Because the face etc. For people who have scars in directly conspicuous areas, this can cause serious self-confidence problems.

How Is Wound Treatment With Laser Done?

CO2 lasers with ablative (peeling) effect are used in laser wound treatment. The CO2 laser creates minimal damage to the skin. Cells are activated to repair this damage. Thanks to the activation of the reparative cells in the area and the acceleration of blood flow, the skin enters the repair process as a whole. In the meantime, the existing wounds are treated and a smooth, new layer is formed on the skin. The CO2 laser only affects the area of the wound. Therefore, there is no damage to the surrounding tissues.

In How Many Sessions Is Wound and Stria Treatment With Laser?

It is the needs of our patients that determine the number of sessions in the treatment of wounds and stria with Ankara laser. Traffic accident etc. scars caused by accidents can be deeper and larger. Similarly, surgical wounds are also… More sessions may be required in the treatment of these wounds. The treatment of minor burns and cuts can be completed in a short time. On average, if we say; Approximately 3-5 sessions are sufficient. In this process, it is preferable to put 3-4 weeks between sessions so that the skin does not wear out.

Can All Scars Be Treated With Laser?

Many scars can be removed with laser treatment. Or the traces can be made more obscure. These scars are: Burn scars: These are the scars formed as a result of exposure of the skin to high heat. They create a rough, complex appearance on the skin and can be different colors from the skin color. Burn scars are usually prominently seen on the arms, chest, abdomen and back. Thanks to laser treatment, there will be a significant reduction in the appearance of scars. Cut Scars: Another type of wound in which the laser is effective is cut scars. Small cuts, such as a paper cut, often heal without leaving any scars. However, the wounds left by sharp instruments such as knives and razors are permanent. These scars can also be treated with laser. Surgical Scars: Thanks to the laparoscopic surgeries applied today, that is, closed surgeries, there are no scars in the operated area. However, open surgery is still the only treatment for heart disease and some other conditions. In open surgery, a scar remains because a deep and large incision is made in the surgical area. People can get rid of these scars to a large extent by having laser surgery after surgery. Stria: Stria; These are the lines that occur on the skin due to the stretching of the skin in people who gain and lose weight frequently. They are densely located in the abdomen and buttocks. Many people find it disturbing because it spoils the aesthetic appearance of swimsuits, bikinis and shorts. Especially our female patients can get rid of the appearance of cracks by having laser before the summer months.

Ankara Wound, Surgical Scar and Stria Treatment

Wound, surgical scar and stria treatment is performed in many clinics that perform laser application today. However, as in all laser applications, the experience of the doctor is very important in the treatment of wounds and cracks. The doctor’s experience and the conditions of the clinic should be taken into account when evaluating the prices of wound, surgical scar and crack treatment. At the same time, prices may vary in every part of the body, depending on the size of the wound. For this reason, you can contact our clinic directly to learn about our wound and crack prices; You can get detailed information.