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Cavitation Ankara

Cavitation; It is a non-surgical slimming method applied with ultrasound without injection. Due to today’s working and living conditions, it is very difficult to get rid of regional fat. Continuous sitting and inactivity affect even people who pay attention to their nutrition negatively. In this case, regional lubrication becomes inevitable. Slimming practices are the most effective and practical methods for burning these fats. Cavitation is also one of the most preferred slimming applications today, as it is practical and painless. For detailed information about cavitation, Ankara cavitation prices and other slimming applications, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation; It is a special application that uses the power of ultrasound beams to speed up the slimming process. In cavitation sessions, sudden pressure changes are used, not the ultrasound beams themselves. It is aimed that the high pressure changes that occur during the application affect the fat cells and remove the excess fat from the body.

How Does Cavitation Work?

As we mentioned above, the target of cavitation is; It is the breakdown of fat cells that cause regional lubrication. So how does it do that? In the cavitation process, ultrasound beams are provided to create sudden pressure changes on the skin. The fact that the skin is suddenly under high pressure directly affects the tissues. The structure of fat cells deteriorates and they begin to break down. Fragmented fat cells lose their solid form and liquefy over time. Liquefaction of fat cells means; means that it is easily excreted out of the body through the lymphatic ways. Therefore, weight loss and tightening begins.

Who Can Have Cavitation?

Cavitation is an application that has multifaceted effects on the skin. However, the most common usage area is regional slimming. Because it shows its strongest effects by breaking down fat cells. The versatile effect of cavitation also increases the efficiency of the slimming process. Cavitation; It also helps you to have a tighter body during the slimming process as it tightens and strengthens the skin. It also affects cellulite and a tight, smooth and thin appearance is obtained in the treated area. cavity

How Many Sessions Is Cavitation Completed?

The targeted results with cavitation are different for everyone. Of course, the needs of those who want to lose 4-5 kilos and those who only want to maintain their weight and get tight will be different. This is also effective in planning the number of sessions. If we give an average figure; We can say that 6 to 7 sessions are sufficient for mild to moderate tightening. However, it may be necessary to increase the number of sessions for cellulite treatment and intense tightening.

When Does Weight Loss With Cavitation Start?

Cavitation is a process that shows its effects very quickly. Therefore, from the first application, regional thinning can be clearly noticed. As the number of sessions increases, of course, this effect will increase and the body will start to look more aesthetic with the effect of the lost weight. In this process, it is also very important to pay attention to one’s nutrition and regular exercise. Because cavitation; It is a procedure performed primarily for the purpose of regional thinning. In other words, it does not allow you to enter the intense weight loss process. If it is done during the weight loss process; helps to dissolve regional fats and shape the body. For this reason, we get very impressive results in our patients who adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Can You Feel Pain With Cavitation?

In the cavitation application, a special device that emits ultrasound beams is used. This device is moved over the skin and transmits pressure to the tissues. During this time, the person does not feel anything. It is a completely painless and reliable procedure. The fact that it is a painless procedure makes cavitation one of the best weight loss treatments for many.

Ankara Cavitation Prices

Cavitation is one of the most effective and practical weight loss applications applied today. Because it gives fast results and is a reliable procedure, many of our patients have cavitation with peace of mind. At this point, one of the issues to be considered is the expertise and experience of the person performing the cavitation. In all weight loss applications, the anatomical structure of the person should be thoroughly examined and the application should be made in accordance with his/her own structure. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the cavitation center is a safe and sterile environment. Along with the prices of the cavitating centers, the number of sessions are also effective on the cavitation prices. You can contact our clinic to get detailed information about cavitation prices in Ankara and to learn about the cavitation price specific to your needs.