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Hydrafacial Md Power Skin Care

Hydrafacial Md Power Skin Care Ankara

Hydrafacial skin care Ankara; It is a medical skin care process that we apply at home, although it has the same purposes as routine skin care, but is much stronger in effect. By penetrating deep into the skin; It helps to reduce blemishes, prevent wrinkles, maintain the moisture balance of the skin and renew it. In this respect, we can say that it is an application that has a multifaceted effect and its healing effects are evident in a short time. Hydrafacial md power can be done both to reduce active skin problems and to protect the skin against harmful external factors. Especially in summer and winter, it helps the skin to protect its strength against UV rays and cold. In the rest of our article, we will provide information about medical skin care with hydrafacial. You can contact our clinic for detailed information about Hydrafacial md power and other medical skin care applications in Ankara.

What is Hydrafacial md power ?

Thanks to its multifaceted effects Hydrafacial md power is one of today’s modern skin care methods that provides skin regeneration and removal of many skin imperfections. Although the cosmetic products we use in our homes are effective for moisturizing and cleaning the skin, they cannot reach deep into the tissues. For this reason, people who want to completely renew, repair and protect their skin should regularly benefit from supportive applications. Evaluated in the medical skin care class, hydrafacial is one of the most effective applications for this purpose. Medical skin care with Hydrafacial md power works with “hydradermabrasion” technology. Hydradermabrasion; It has all the cleansing, peeling, renewing and skin moisturizing properties in one. For this reason, many skin problems can be solved with the application. It can be used safely even on sensitive skin.
How is Hydrafacial md power Skin Care Done?
Hydrafacial md power   is a procedure done in stages. First, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, the skin is supported and moisturized with special serums.
  • Cleaning; It is the first stage of medical skin care with hydrafacial. First of all, the skin is thoroughly cleaned with the help of the special vacuum system of the device used in the hydrafacial application.
  • Liquid dermabrasion is applied after cleansing. At this stage, the aim is; peeling the skin and getting rid of blemishes. The upper layer of the skin is gently peeled off with liquids with vacuum and peeling effect. The peeling effect is also compatible with sensitive skin. Therefore, after the procedure, excessive redness, etc. side effects are less likely.
  • The serum stage is the stage where the skin is nourished, the tissues are strengthened and the vitamins it needs are gained. If an intense effect against wrinkles is expected, serums containing hyaluronic acid can also be preferred. Thus, the skin is supported and tissue volume is increased.
  • Hydration is one of the secrets of healthy skin. It also plays a major role in preventing wrinkles. Because dry skin, especially in winter, easily wears out and wrinkles. Thanks to the creams used in the Hydrafacial md power  l application, intense moisturizing can be done for many different skin types.
  • LED therapy is one of the most important stages of the hydrafacial application. One of the most important reasons why those who have acne and acne problems get high efficiency from the hydrafacial application is led therapy. Because most acne and acne are caused by bacteria. Led therapy helps to strengthen the skin by destroying the bacteria on the skin. It strengthens collagen and elastin fibers and tightens the skin.
Which Skin Defects Can Be Treated With Hydrafacial md power ?
Hydrafacial md power ; By combining cleansing, peeling, strengthening and moisturizing functions, it gives successful results in many skin imperfections. Reducing black spots Tightening enlarged pores Reduction of acne and pimples Elimination of sunspots and other types of spots Moisturizing the skin Elimination of fine lines and light wrinkles Equalizing the skin tone are common areas of use of medical skin care with hydrafacial.

Is Hydrafacial Md Power Skin Care Safe?

Lotions and other materials used in Hydrafacial Md Power skin care are compatible with all skin types. Therefore, as a result of the application, excessive damage and skin wear are not in question. As we mentioned, it is a safe procedure even on sensitive skin. Therefore, it can be applied to all skin types in all seasons.

How Many Sessions of Hydrafacial Md Power Skin Care Are Performed?

The purpose of medical skin care with Hydrafacial; the skin has a younger, attractive and bright appearance. When the application is done regularly, it helps the skin to protect its moisture and keep the tissues young and alive. Skin care with Hydrafacial Md Power can be applied in sessions depending on the desired results and the skin structure of the person. Generally, it is sufficient to apply 4-6 sessions with 1 week intervals. If the radiant skin appearance is desired to be maintained, hydrafacial skin care can be performed regularly at 1 month intervals.

Skin Care Prices with Hydrafacial Md Power

The preferred number of sessions and the skin structure of the person are decisive in the skin care process with Hydrafacial. For this reason, you can contact our clinic directly to learn about our hydrafacial and skin care prices in Ankara.