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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment ANKARA

Hair loss Ankara is a hair problem that causes hair loss and weakening due to weakening of the hair follicles. Both women and men may face the problem of hair loss. Hair loss can be experienced from time to time as a result of seasons or hormonal changes. However, hair loss that persists for a long time and causes thinning of the hair needs to be treated. Because hair is very effective on our appearance. Especially in male pattern baldness, there may be serious hair loss. Thanks to modern skin applications such as PRP and Fibrocell, hair loss can be treated without the need for hair transplantation. To get information about our PRP, Fibrocell and other non-surgical skin applications in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.
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What Causes Hair Loss?

Losing 100 – 150 strands of hair per day is normal for everyone. However, hair shedding more than this is considered a problem. Hair loss can occur for different reasons. Baldness is mostly a male condition. Complete baldness in women due to structural reasons is very rare. However, women can also experience intense hair loss. This prevents the person from looking well-groomed and attractive. Common causes of hair loss: Stress Side effects of regularly used drugs (chemotherapy and cancer drugs can be given as examples.) Fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp Burning etc. hair loss due to trauma Iron etc. Deficiency of some vitamins. Genetic factors. Hair loss is also a sign of disease in some cases. Ringworm, thyroid disorders, hormonal disorders, skin cancers are some of them. However, nutritional problems (extreme weakness, etc.) may also cause hair loss.

seen in women hair loss;

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • It may occur depending on menstrual periods. Especially after menopause, both structural changes (limpness, dullness, etc.) and intense shedding can be seen in the hair.

How to Treat Hair Loss with Fibrocell?

Fibrocell, or stem cell therapy, is a treatment using fat cells in the skin. Stem cells have the ability to transform into cells with different functions in our body. Therefore, when applied to damaged areas, they act quickly to repair. Hair follicles also contain stem cells. Stem cells added to the roots of the hair support the formation of new hair by activating dead cells. It also helps existing hair to hold onto their roots more firmly. In stem cell therapy, small tissue samples taken from invisible areas such as the groin, under the arm or behind the ear are used. Thanks to the stem cells taken from this piece, millions of stem cells are re-injected into the scalp. Thus, both hair loss is prevented and the hair regains a healthy appearance.

How to Treat Hair Loss with PRP?

PRP treatment, which stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”, gives successful results in the treatment of both skin problems and hair loss. It is a completely safe procedure because it is made with platelets, that is, regenerative cells taken from the person’s own blood. Platelet cells are the reparative cells of the skin. They contribute to the removal of dead cells in the area, the creation of new tissues and the strengthening of existing tissues. Hair follicles that cause hair loss; dead hair roots. Platelet cells help these roots to regenerate. It prevents hair loss by strengthening existing hair follicles. In PRP treatment, a sample is taken from the person’s own blood to multiply platelet cells. This blood is concentrated in the centrifuge. Platelet cells reproduced under sterile and full-fledged laboratory conditions are injected into the hair follicles. Thus, a rapid repair and regeneration process begins on the skin. PRP treatment usually gives very effective results in people who experience hair loss due to genetic factors. If necessary, PRP treatment can be combined with mesotherapy.

How to Treat Hair Loss with Mesotherapy?

Another method used in the treatment of hair loss in Ankara is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy; It is an application that nourishes and strengthens the skin thanks to vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Prepared mixtures are injected into the skin. Therefore, it directly affects the tissues. Mesotherapy can also be applied to prevent hair loss. The prepared special mixture is injected into the hair follicles. Hair follicles are strengthened and hair is repaired with nourishing vitamins.

Can Hair Loss Be Treated?

Hair loss has been seen as an unavoidable problem for many years. However, thanks to modern skin applications, this perception has started to be destroyed gradually. Today, hair loss is prevented without any surgical incision thanks to PRP, mesotherapy, and Fibrocell (Stem Cell Therapy). PRP and Fibrocell treatments do not only prevent hair loss; your hair is stronger and it also helps it shine. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred hair loss treatment methods together with hair transplantation.

Ankara Hair Loss Treatment Prices

These applications to prevent hair loss are planned according to the individual’s own needs. Preferred number of sessions etc. Variables also affect the prices of hair loss treatments. For this reason, you can contact our clinic directly to learn about our PRP treatment, mesotherapy, and fibrocell prices.