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Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite Laser Ankara

Alexandrite laser Ankara is the most preferred laser application in today’s laser epilation application, which stands out with its fast and reliable results. Laser has become the most popular hair removal method as it provides permanent removal of hair in different parts of the body. Regardless of men or women, many people today get rid of unwanted hair with laser. Laser application saves time and money, especially for people with high hair density and who have to have regular epilation. Considering the long-term results, it minimizes the cost of epilation. The most suitable type of laser for light skin color and thick hair structure seen in most of our society is the Alexandrite laser. In the rest of our article, we will provide information on the differences and advantages of the Alexandrite laser. For more detailed information about alexandrite and all other types of lasers in Ankara, Dr. Sevgi Kurtulmaz can visit; You can contact us by phone.

What is Alexandrite Laser?

Alexandrite laser; It has become so popular today because it is an effective laser method that is fast, painless and less painful. In order for the laser beams to have a full effect on the hair follicles, it must send energy at regular intervals at high wavelengths. In the Alexandrite laser application, the high energy sent to the skin is independent of the time. The Alexandrite laser acts directly on the melanin cells, allowing the sessions to be completed in a short time thanks to its high impact power. Thus, the entire epilation process can be completed quickly, even in large areas such as the back. Alexandrite laser directly affects the colored cells in the hair root, namely melanin cells. Here, it creates micro-damages and ensures the removal of the hair root. For this reason, it is a type of laser that is preferred by people with dark hair color and gives the best results on light skin tones.
What are the Advantages of Alexandrite Laser?
So why is the alexandrite laser the most preferred type of laser today? First of all, the fact that we have dark hair color in terms of our genetic structure is effective in this. For this reason, it is a laser application that can be easily applied in a large part of the society. However, it works faster than other laser applications; It is a laser process that gives effective results in a short time. It offers a comfortable treatment process thanks to its wide heads. It also helps the person feel less aches and pains.
Is Hair Removal Permanent With Alexandrite Laser Ankara?
Alexandrite laser provides permanent removal of unwanted hair. However, as in every medical application, there are exceptions in laser hair removal. Although rare, some patients may grow hair again. However, these feathers are few and weak in structure. Therefore, they can be easily destroyed.
Is Hair Removal With Alexandrite Laser Safe?
There is a lot of hearsay about the safety of laser hair removal. This creates information pollution among the people. One of the widespread and erroneous information about laser epilation is; laser hair removal is carcinogenic or harmful. Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved procedure that has been applied all over the world for 10-15 years. Its effectiveness is proven and reliable. Therefore, our patients can choose laser epilation with peace of mind and enjoy smooth skin.

How Many Sessions Is Alexandrite Laser Performed?

Alexandrite laser application is a process done in sessions. Because no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to equalize the growth rate of all hairs. For this reason, it is a more correct approach to apply piece by piece to destroy each hair follicle. At the same time, the skin is not damaged much. In epilation with Alexandrite laser, the number of sessions is determined by the hair density and the application area. Depending on the needs of the person, 4 – 8 sessions can be applied.

Things to Consider Before Laser Application;

Before laser application, solarium etc. on the skin. No tanning treatment should be done. Since the Alexandrite laser acts directly on the melanin cells and gives effective results on light-colored skin, it is necessary to protect the skin’s own color. In order for the laser beams to see the hair follicles, the hair follicles must not be destroyed. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid procedures such as waxing, tweezers and epilation devices that remove hair with its roots for a while. Before laser epilation, hairs should be removed with a razor blade. Everyone’s skin structure is unique to them. For this reason, people with wounds, infections or allergic reactions on their skin should consult with a specialist doctor before deciding on laser epilation.

Ankara Alexandrite Laser Prices

Prices for laser hair removal are determined by the number of sessions. Laser prices may vary depending on the number of sessions the person needs and the areas to be treated. If you want to get information about laser hair removal prices in Ankara, you can call our polyclinic; You can find out the prices of laser hair removal suitable for your needs. Also, if you have other questions about laser applications, Uz. Dr. Sevgi Kurtulmaz You can find it on @drsevgikurtulmaz Instagram account.