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Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care Ankara

Medical skin care; These are the procedures applied to clean and renew the worn skin all day long with the help of professional devices and products. Especially in summer and winter, our skin needs extra attention and support. Because in these processes, it is faced with excessive drying. The UV rays of the sun tire our skin and our skin becomes open to the formation of stains. Medical skin care; It helps the person to have a younger and more lively appearance by wiping the destructive effect of harmful external factors from the skin. The technology used in medical skin care is the Hydrafacial technology. Hydrafacial md power ; It has a versatile effect by cleaning, peeling, strengthening and purifying the skin from bacteria. You can find more information about skin care with. Hydrafacial md power in the continuation of our article. For medical skin care, Dr. You can make your appointment at any time by contacting Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care is one of the rare skin applications that combines many features that strengthen the skin. It is very comfortable as it is a non-surgical, needle-free, painless and short-acting application. At the same time, the person can have medical skin care done again as long as he wants. Because medical skin care is a very safe procedure due to its content and application stages. Since skin analysis is performed beforehand, it is an application that fully meets the needs of the person and provides high efficiency.

How is Medical Skin Care Done?

Medical skin care is done with hydrafacial technology. Thanks to the special vacuum devices of the Hydrafacial md power technology, the skin is deeply cleaned and purified from bacteria. The effect of medical skin care against bacteria; It is especially important for people who have intense acne problems. Because many of the acne; It occurs when black spots, which we call comedones, are infected by bacteria. Medical skin care consists of steps that bring together the comprehensive care that the skin needs.
Cleaning: Cleaning is one of the most important stages of medical skin care with hydrafacial. Before all hydrafacial applications, the skin type of the person is analyzed. Thus, personal care products can be preferred throughout the application. In medical skin care, help is also taken from the vacuum system for deep cleaning of the skin. For this reason, it is different from the classical care routines applied at home.
Peeling: At this stage, special lotions are used to purify the skin from dead skin. The peeling process performed with the help of the Hydrafacial device is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to personalized serums and mixtures, even patients with the most sensitive skin type can easily peel.
Humidification: The skin, which is cleaned with vacuum and peeling, is fed with special ingredients that give intense moisture. Thus, fine wrinkles are opened and the skin looks younger and brighter.
LED Therapy: We can say that LED therapy is the most important feature that separates medical skin care from routine skin care procedures. Because at this stage, microorganisms on the skin surface are cleaned with blue light. It is aimed to reduce the appearance of acne and pimples.

What is the Difference Between Medical Skin Care and Normal Skin Care?

The most important difference of medical skin care in terms of daily skin; All materials used are professional. Since it is applied with an expert, it is possible to use products that are completely suitable for your skin structure. For this reason, it is much more effective than a classical skin care application. Another difference of medical skin care is that it affects the tissues much deeper, so the results are more satisfying. Our patients from many age groups say that they have both radiant and shiny skin thanks to medical skin care.

How Many Sessions of Medical Skin Care Are Performed?

In order to get the highest efficiency in terms of medical skin, it is best to make 3-4 applications with an interval of 1 week. If a person wants to maintain the brightness and strength of his skin for a long time, he can continue to have medical skin care once a month.

Ankara Medical Skin Care Prices

The process is decisive in the prices of medical skin care Ankara. The application made at each stage is actually personal. Because everyone’s skin type and needs are different. For this reason, it will be more accurate to determine the prices after the medical skin care process is planned. If you are planning to have medical skin care in Ankara, you can get detailed information about our prices by contacting our clinic.