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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment Ankara

Acupuncture; It is a special treatment method, which has an increasing importance today, as a complementary treatment. By stimulating the nerve endings in the body, it provides the treatment of many ailments or alleviation of the symptoms. Its origin is based on Chinese and Far Eastern culture. An important feature is that it is used as a complementary therapy in many different ailments. Acupuncture treatment is frequently used, especially in the relief of incurable pain, such as migraine, and in weight loss processes. In our article, “What is acupuncture?”, “How is acupuncture done?” and “What are the acupuncture prices in Ankara?” You will find answers to your questions such as: Dr. You can contact us for detailed information about acupuncture treatment and other complementary treatments applied in Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Acupuncture?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, acupuncture; It is an additional treatment method that has its origins in Chinese and Far Eastern cultures. It is often used to support the medical treatment of diseases. However, unexplained pain, etc. It can give effective results on its own in the treatment of diseases. To summarize briefly; It aims to insert needles into different parts of the body and to regulate the energy flow of the body.
How is Acupuncture Applied?
The origin of the word acupuncture is based on the Latin words “acus (needle)” and “punctio (to prick)” meaning needle and prick. These words also give us an idea about how the process is done. Acupuncture is performed with very thin, minimally sized special needles. During the application, these needles are inserted into different nerve points in the body. Thus, it is ensured that the body balances the energy flow and gathers the power to heal itself. The needles used in the treatment are personal. It is important that the needles are disposable. Because in order to get successful results from acupuncture treatment, the application must be done under sterile conditions and by a specialist doctor.
Is It Painful During Acupuncture?
Although acupuncture varies according to the pain threshold of the person, we can say that it is a painless procedure. The stinging pain of the needles is quite mild and usually not unbearable. A slight burning or stinging sensation may occur.
How Does Acupuncture Work?
The mechanism of action of acupuncture therapy is still unknown. However, thanks to its stimulating effect, it is thought to increase serotonin and endorphins in the body, thus balancing the body’s energy in many ways. Acupuncture treatment;
  • It helps the body to repair itself with the messages sent to the nervous system.
  • It increases the level of happiness hormones and makes the person feel good spiritually.
  • It accelerates blood flow. It ensures the active functioning of the metabolism and plays an active role in the treatment of weight loss.
  • It strengthens immunity. It helps the body fight serious ailments.
  • It relaxes the muscles and relieves pain.

Which Diseases Are Treated With Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a multi-faceted procedure. Therefore, it can be preferred in the treatment of different ailments. The most common areas of use of acupuncture are migraine and pain treatment, weight loss and smoking cessation. Diseases treated with acupuncture:
  • Pain and migraine treatment
  • Back and waist pain
  • Digestive system diseases
  • psychological disorders
  • Asthma and chronic respiratory diseases
  • It’s an allergy.
  • In addition, acupuncture treatment is one of the methods used for weight loss and smoking cessation.

Is Acupuncture Treatment Safe?

Ankara acupuncture treatment is a complementary treatment method that has become increasingly widespread all over the world and its effectiveness has been proven by many studies. Therefore, it is both effective and safe when applied by the right person in the right conditions. It should be applied by an experienced doctor who knows human anatomy and diseases well. Since the procedure is performed from nerve ending points, making mistakes in the treatment can lead to unexpected results. You can contact our clinic for more detailed information on this subject.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Acupuncture?

Today, many studies are conducted on the metabolism-boosting properties of acupuncture. Metabolic rate is directly related to weight loss. During the slimming process, activities that accelerate metabolism should be performed and the body should be purified from toxins. Acupuncture; It helps the slimming process by increasing the metabolic rate. If the person supports this process with diet and regular exercise, weight can be lost significantly.

Ankara Acupuncture Prices

Acupuncture prices vary according to the purpose of the procedure, its frequency and the needs of the person. Therefore, each treatment should be planned individually; The best course of treatment should be decided by listening carefully to the patient's history. This causes acupuncture prices to vary. A detailed information about acupuncture prices in Ankara you can call our clinic to get attention; You can make an appointment.