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Non-Surgical Thread Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Thread Rejuvenation Ankara

Thread facelift; It is to make the skin tissue tight and young again with special threads used for medical purposes. The most important feature of the thread lifting; while keeping the tissues more tense, it also strengthens the collagen fibers. Thus, while sagging on the skin is prevented, it is ensured that the tissues are more voluminous and the skin looks healthier. The thread lifting is very advantageous as it is a non-surgical procedure and has a multi-faceted effect, providing rejuvenation of the skin. French suspenders are one of the facelift methods. In our article, you can find all the advantages of thread facial rejuvenation, how it is done and its effects. For detailed information about non-surgical face lift procedures in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Thread Facial Rejuvenation?

Thread rejuvenation is a procedure that fixes sagging tissues in place with the help of surgical threads. It is generally preferred in the 30s and later when the tissues begin to sag. It is a much more effective process than cosmetic products as it directly replaces the tissues and nourishes the skin. Threads such as polyoxidanon and polylactic acid are used in the facial rejuvenation process with thread hanger. These threads melt spontaneously over time, leaving the supporting content to the area. This content, which strengthens the collagen bonds and lengthens and shortens the elastin fibers, also ensures that the tissues receive the support they need. Thus, the face is both stretched and fine wrinkles can be removed. The rejuvenation of the person’s skin becomes visible and obvious.

In Which Areas Is Facial Rejuvenation With Thread Lifting?

Facial rejuvenation with a rope sling can be applied both locally and on the entire face. It offers effective solutions to people who are faced with the problem of intense sagging, especially in areas such as eyebrows and lip edges. Facial rejuvenation with rope sling;
  •  Eyebrow
  •  Forehead
  •  Crow’s feet
  •  Under the eyes
  •  Lip edges
  •  *Can be applied to cheek and jowl area.

How is Facial Rejuvenation Performed with a Thread Lifting?

Facial rejuvenation with a rope hanger is done from the hairy areas inside the head. Therefore, after the procedure, there are no traces that will spoil the aesthetic appearance. After the rope hanger application, it is possible to return to daily life immediately. Therefore, it offers a comfortable alternative to surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Facial rejuvenation with a thread lift is completed in approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. The risk of infection after surgery is not in question in a facelift with a rope sling. The person can return to work and social life on the same day. It is also the most curious thing whether the facelift with a thread lift is painful or not. The pain felt in the face lift process with a thread lift is very low. However, local anesthetic methods are used to make our patients feel comfortable. Thus, even our patients with sensitive skin can be treated without any pain or suffering.

Is the Effect of Facial Rejuvenation with Thread Lift Permanent?

Polyoxidanon and polylactic acid threads, which are used in the process of facial rejuvenation with thread hanger, melt over time. Therefore, the effect of the procedure is not permanent. However, polyoxidanone and polylactic acid threads have the feature of renewing and strengthening the skin. As it melts, it activates the collagen bonds in the area where it is located. Therefore, after the threads melt, the skin continues to renew itself for a while and maintain its tight structure. After the facial rejuvenation application with a thread lift, the skin has a bright, youthful and flexible appearance for a long time. The melting time of the threads varies according to the application area and the skin structure of the person. If the application is made to the moving areas where the use of mimics is common, the permanence period may be a little short. Generally speaking; We can say that the effect of facial rejuvenation with a rope hanger continues for 1-2 years. This period may be even longer in some people, as the effect continues after the hangers melt.

Ankara Thread Facial Rejuvenation Prices

Thread facial rejuvenation Ankara prices are determined by the region where the application will be made. If the deformation is high, the most efficient results are obtained from the application on the whole face. It will be more accurate to determine the prices of thread facial rejuvenation after the appropriate treatment is planned according to the person’s preference and skin structure. For this reason, you can contact our clinic directly to learn about our Ankara thread skin rejuvenation prices.