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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment Ankara

Acne; It is a skin problem that occurs as a result of the clogging of the sebum channels (oil-secreting channels) in the middle layer of the skin. The clogged channels swell and form red, bordered bumps on the skin. When these bumps come into contact with bacteria, they become inflamed and painful; they turn into what we call acne. Acne can occur in many parts of our body. They mostly occur on the face, back and arms. Although cosmetic products are effective in preventing early acne, it is necessary to get support from drugs or other skin applications for the treatment of advanced acne problem. In the continuation of our article, you can find answers to your questions about laser acne treatment and medical skin care and skin care. For acne treatment in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is acne?

Most acne occurs in adolescence and can continue until the forties. When blackhead structures, which we call comedones, are infected by bacteria, acne occurs. Acne is a skin problem that reduces a person’s quality of life due to both its appearance and pain. Cleaning the skin alone is not enough for treatment, as there are infected and inflamed bumps. An effective treatment can be achieved with healthy eating habits containing low fat, correct skin care and correct skin applications. If necessary, acne can be suppressed with the use of medication.
How Is Acne Treatment?
As acne intensifies, it begins to affect a person’s daily life. First of all, they cause distress due to the unhealthy appearance they create on the skin. One of the issues that people with acne problems complain about the most is this disturbing appearance. At the same time, they reduce the quality of life as they have painful and painful swellings. Therefore, acne must be treated. Drugs used in acne treatment are not preferred by some of our patients due to their abrasive side effects. Skin applications are alternatives that can be preferred in this case and give successful results.
How is Laser Acne Treatment Performed?
Laser is one of the most preferred skin care applications in acne treatment. The heat energy of the laser helps dry up acne. At the same time, skin oiliness that causes acne can be controlled and large pores can be tightened. In laser applications, micro-level damage is given to the skin. This micro-damage does not have a negative effect on skin health. However, it provides stimulation of the skin’s reparative cells. Thus, the complete regeneration process of the skin begins. The skin heals many skin imperfections by repairing itself. Thus, after laser acne treatment, both smooth and firmer and healthier skin are obtained.

How Many Sessions Are Performed in Laser Acne Treatment?

It is not possible to get rid of acne all at once. For this reason, laser treatment should be applied at regular intervals and in sessions. The determining factor in the number of sessions is the needs of the person. At the same time, the type of laser used is also decisive in the number of sessions. If powerful laser types such as CO2 laser are preferred, the process can be completed in a shorter time. In general terms; We can say that at least 3 sessions of application are preferred.

Acne Treatment with Medical Skin Care

Thanks to its versatile effects, medical skin care provides the elimination of many skin imperfections. It is very advantageous because it is a non-surgical treatment method that provides intense effect in a short time. One of the most preferred skin problems in medical skin care is acne. Especially hydrafacial lie medical skin care offers an effective solution to the acne problem thanks to its bactericidal feature. Hydrafacial application; It includes stages that include cleaning the skin, supporting it with special serums suitable for different skin types, peeling and moisturizing with peeling. In the last stage, special LED technology is used. This blue light, which is specific to the Hydrafacial application, ensures the destruction of bacteria and microbes on the skin. Thus, the comedones on our skin are prevented from interacting with bacteria. The healthy appearance of the skin is preserved and there is a visible reduction in the appearance of acne.

On Which Areas Is Laser Acne Treatment Performed?

Laser acne treatment; It can be applied to areas where acne is common, such as the face, arms and back.

Ankara Laser Acne Treatment

Laser technology and medical skin care are applications that those with acne problems can choose with peace of mind. First of all, the doctor who is an expert in this field should examine your skin and make the right treatment plan. When the treatment process is planned by specialist doctors, the possibility of side effects is almost negligible. All devices and materials used in the application are approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Acne treatment You can contact our clinic for detailed information about the features, prices and medical skin care of the lasers we use in Ankara.