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Under Eye Bruise Treatment with CO2 Laser

Under Eye Bruise Treatment with CO2 Laser

Today, one of the effective areas of use of the CO2 laser is the treatment of bruises under the eyes. The use of lasers in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes is becoming more common day by day. Because it is not always easy to get rid of these bruises, which are congenital or due to advancing age. Especially for the treatment of congenital under-eye bruises, a treatment that acts deep into the tissues and ensures the regeneration of damaged cells should be preferred. The CO2 laser shows this effect perfectly, helping the skin to look bright and healthy. For detailed information about the treatment of dark circles under the eyes with the CO2 laser, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz. By calling our clinic in Ankara, you can find answers to all your questions; You can make your appointment whenever you want.

What Causes Under-Eye Bruises?

The red-violet tissues formed in the lower parts of the eye are called under-eye bruises. Some of the bruises under the eyes are congenital. Therefore, it is evident from childhood. These bruises may increase with age and weakening of the tissues. Therefore, congenital bruises under the eyes raise concerns that bruises will increase, especially in our young patients. Indirectly, it also negatively affects self-confidence. Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is aging. Over time, the skin tissues wear out and begin to collapse. Since the tissues under the eyes are also thin and sensitive, they quickly show the effects of aging. The most disturbing aspect of bruises under the eyes; it makes the person look old and tired. Cosmetic products produced for this purpose allow the bruises to be closed for a short time. However, the person himself may be disturbed by these bruises and a permanent solution is usually sought. Laser is the best method to be preferred in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes.
How to Treat Under-Eye Bruises with CO2 Laser?
CO2 laser is generally used in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes with laser. Thanks to the CO2 laser, intense heat energy is sent to the under eye area. Heat helps start the regeneration process in the skin. At the same time, the CO2 laser causes micro-damages to the tissues. These damages do not pose any health risks. However, its role in the activation of regenerative cells is great. With the effect of both heat and these micro-damages, the skin enters an intense regeneration process to repair itself. In this process, all tissues in the skin are strengthened and the skin color tone is equalized.

When will the results be obtained from the Laser Under Eye Bruise Treatment?

In the treatment of bruises under the eyes with laser, the eye area starts to gain a brighter and younger appearance from the first session. Since the CO2 laser also has a skin rejuvenation effect, the tissues around the eyes are tightened and fine wrinkles are removed. About 1 week after the first session, the luminosity around the eyes is visibly noticeable.

In How Many Sessions is the Treatment of Under Eye Bruises with CO2 Laser?

Treatment of dark circles under the eyes with CO2 laser gives quick results. The improvement and luminosity under the eyes begin to show themselves from the first sessions. However, the process needs to be repeated for best results. The number of sessions varies according to the skin structure and needs of the person. Usually 1-2 sessions are sufficient. If the bruise is very prominent and the skin type of the person is very sensitive, the number of sessions may need to be increased. Since the under-eye area is a thin and sensitive area, it is important to plan the number of sessions correctly. Sessions in the treatment of bruises under the eyes with CO2 laser usually last 5-10 minutes. Anesthetic creams can be applied so that the person does not feel pain or pain during the sessions. Thus, the treatment of bruises under the eyes with the CO2 laser can be done painlessly and painlessly, even in people with the most sensitive skin.

Ankara CO2 Laser Under Eye Bruise Treatment Prices

As with all laser applications, prices are not fixed in the treatment of bruises under the eyes. Because the needs of the person and the number of sessions determine the prices. At the same time, if the person wants rejuvenation on the entire face, including under the eyes, the prices of laser application may increase. The prices of laser applications can also vary from clinic to clinic. For this reason, you can get information about laser applications and under-eye bruise treatment prices by contacting our clinic directly.