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Laser Skin Applications

Laser Skin Applications Ankara

Laser is one of the most preferred methods in skin applications such as epilation, skin rejuvenation, spot and acne treatment. Skin applications with laser; It is becoming more and more popular today as it is practical, effective and economical in the long run. It is the most modern and practical method used especially in epilation; Laser epilation has become a favorite of women. However, it is the most used method in stain treatment due to its effect that breaking down melanin cells. In our article, we will talk about laser applications for both aesthetic and epilation purposes. To get more detailed information about these processes and to learn about laser prices in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What are Laser Skin Applications?

Laser skin applications; These are applications that support and accelerate the regeneration of the skin by making use of the power of laser beams. The types of lasers used in the removal of skin spots and wrinkles cause micro-damage to the skin. This damage is not permanent. However, it provides the activation of the reparative cells in our body and the complete repair of the skin. In laser treatments for hair removal, laser beams penetrate the lower layers of the skin. It destroys and permanently removes the hair follicles in this area.

What Are the Types of Lasers?

There are many types of lasers applied especially for hair removal. The laser is completely safe and effective when applied with a laser suitable for the skin color and hair structure of the person. If we examine these laser types in detail;
  • Alexandrite Laser:It is the most preferred type of laser because it is compatible with the skin and hair structure of most people in our society and gives fast and effective results. It is preferred by people with light skin color and dark, thick hair structure. Alexandrite laser ensures that epilation is completed in a short time, especially thanks to its wide head. With this feature, it provides an advantage over other laser types.
  • Nd: Yag Laser and Diode Laser:These laser types are mostly preferred by people with dark skin tones. It targets the lower layers of the skin and provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair.
  • Nd: Yag Q-Switch Laser:Q-Switch laser is also known as tattoo removal laser. It is the most preferred type of laser for tattoo removal and stain treatment.
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser instead of epilation; It is applied for purposes such as removing skin defects and bruises under the eyes, and acne/pimple treatment. Since it has an ablative feature, it helps to equalize the skin color and to remove fine wrinkles.

Are Laser Skin Applications Harmful?

The lasers used in Ankara laser skin applications are approved by the FDA, that is, the American Medicines and Food Administration. Therefore, it can be used safely even on sensitive skin types. It is very common to say that side effects such as excessive redness, edema and irritation occur as a result of laser application. Such side effects are usually caused by errors during administration. When laser applications are performed by a specialist doctor in a sterile environment, it is very unlikely that unexpected side effects will occur.

How Many Sessions Are Performed in Laser Applications?

All laser types give effective results if done in sessions. After each application, it is necessary to wait about 1 – 4 weeks for the skin to rest. The correct determination of these times and the regular follow-up of the sessions increase the success of the laser. In laser applications, the number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the people. For example; While epilation procedures on the underarm area take a short time; It will be necessary to increase the number of sessions for epilation of the legs or the whole body. Generally; We can say that 6-10 sessions are sufficient for both epilation and skin defects.

What is the laser used for?


Wound, surgical scar and stria treatment

Tattoo removal

Treatment of acne and acne scars

Treatment of thin capillaries and varicose veins

Wrinkle removal/Skin rejuvenation

Treatment of dark circles under the eyes

Nevus and wart treatment.