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Spot Treatment with CO2 Laser

Spot Treatment with CO2 Laser Ankara

CO2 laser; It is a laser used in the treatment of many skin defects, especially spot treatment. Today, one of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to spot treatment is the CO2 laser. Blemishes are rather stubborn skin imperfections. Therefore, cosmetic products are often ineffective. Laser treatments are the most effective solution for the treatment of intense blemishes that cover the skin, especially after acne treatment. Thanks to the regeneration and repair process it creates in the skin, the CO2 laser ensures the emergence of healthy tissues and the breakdown of clustered melanin cells. In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about how the CO2 laser spot treatment is done and what its effects are. For information about spot treatment with CO2 laser in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz; You can find out our laser spot treatment prices.
Who Can Have Spot Treatment With CO2 Laser?
As we have listed above, laser spot treatment is effective in the treatment of many skin spots. Therefore, regardless of male or female; People over the age of 18 can be treated with CO2 laser. However, in order for the application to be reliable, it may be necessary to be more cautious in some patient groups or to postpone the application for a while.
  • In pregnant and lactating women
  • In patients with a history of or suspected cancer
  • Those with skin infections
  • People who have used drugs containing isotretinoin in the last 1 year and whose skin is sensitive and thin should definitely consult a specialist doctor before laser laser treatment.
Which Spots Does CO2 Laser Treat?
The CO2 laser is a highly effective laser. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment of many skin blemishes. It is particularly effective in the treatment of deep acne scars. Thanks to the spot treatment with CO2 laser;
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Keloid, scar and burn scars
  • Age spots can be treated.

How to Treat Stains with CO2 Laser?

CO2 laser; It works by scanning the areas where stain formation is observed and sending intense heat energy to these areas. The most important feature of the CO2 laser is that it provides a controlled and reliable operation in the applied skin tissue. The person performing the application can control the effect area of the laser beams. Thus, the protection of healthy skin tissues is ensured. Ankara CO2 laser spot treatment is done in sessions. In this process, it will be the right decision to take time between sessions and to apply lasers at intervals of 3-4 weeks in order to protect the skin from excessive damage.

In How Many Sessions Is Spot Treatment With CO2 Laser?

In the treatment of spots with CO2 laser, the number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the person. Even 1-2 sessions may be sufficient for the treatment of mild wounds and burns. However, the number of sessions needed for the treatment of intense acne scars, deep scars and severe burn scars may be 5-6. For this reason, sessions in the treatment of spots with CO2 laser must be determined under the control of a specialist doctor; In order to get the best results from the treatment, the treatment plan should be followed. After Spot Treatment with CO2 Laser;
  • After CO2 laser sessions, the skin becomes more sensitive. Especially the sun etc. It is necessary to avoid as much as possible the factors that seriously tire the skin. Because;
  • avoiding products that exfoliate the skin
  • Regularly using sunscreens with an SPF of at least 50
  • It is very important to moisturize and strengthen the skin properly.

Ankara CO2 Laser Spot Treatment Prices

CO2 laser is a laser application that has eye-catching effects when performed by experts. For this reason, the treatment must be done by physicians who are experts in this field. CO2 laser spot treatment prices are determined by the number of sessions. At the same time, the size of the area to be treated and the density of the spots also affect the number of sessions. Therefore, we can say that the prices of laser spot treatment vary from person to person. You can contact our clinic directly to learn about our CO2 laser spot treatment prices; You can find answers to all your questions.