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Skin Rejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser

Skin Rejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser Ankara

Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser; It is a laser application that aims to rejuvenate the skin by tightening the skin, equalizing the skin tone, treating capillaries and spots. The Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser has 1064 nm. Thanks to its wavelength, it can penetrate deep into the skin. Thus, it enables the stimulation of collagen tissues and the regeneration process of the skin. One of the biggest advantages is that it provides safe application for people with dark skin color. You can find information about Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser in the continuation of our article. For detailed information about laser and non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What Is Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser?

Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser Ankara; 1064nm. It is a type of laser with a wavelength that affects deep into the tissues. Although the main area of use is laser epilation, it is also very successful in skin rejuvenation. It is an effective laser especially in removing stains and capillaries. For this reason, it reduces the appearance of spots and capillaries due to aging. Because with age, the skin becomes thinner and more prone to these skin defects. Q-Switched laser rejuvenates the skin by both eliminating these problems that occur with aging and renewing the skin. It helps the face to look smoother, brighter and tighter.

What are the Advantages of Skin Rejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser?

Today, it is possible to perform non-surgical facial rejuvenation with various methods. Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser is one of them. All applications with skin rejuvenation have their own advantages. So what are the advantages of skin rejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser?
  • Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser also gives very effective results in people with dark skin color.
  • It is a non-surgical, practical skin rejuvenation application. Therefore, it does not interfere with the social life of the person like surgical operations.
  • In skin rejuvenation applications made with Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser, the skin is minimally damaged. Because Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser does not send heat energy directly to the upper epidermal area. Therefore, it is a reliable laser. The risk of burns is very low.
  • It helps to reduce the appearance of capillaries while removing skin defects such as sagging, wrinkles and color unevenness.

How is Skin Rejuvenation Performed with Q-Switched Laser?

Skin rejuvenation application with Q-Switched laser provides the strengthening of collagen and elastin bonds by applying heat energy to the skin. As the collagen bonds become stronger, the skin begins to regain its strength. The sagging tissues are tightened, and fine wrinkles are recovered. Because the skin regains its flexible structure. Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser While performing skin rejuvenation with laser, the laser head is kept away from the skin. gel etc. No additional materials are used. Short and effective shots are made by keeping the laser device away from the face.

Is Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser Skin Rejuvenation Painful?

In Q-Switched laser application, some pain is felt like other laser types. According to many of our patients, this pain is not unbearable. Most of our patients complete the sessions without feeling any discomfort. However, anesthetic cream is applied to our patients who feel uneasy due to pain and whose skin structure is sensitive. Therefore, even if your pain threshold is low, the application will be painless and comfortable for you.

What Should Be Considered After Q-Switched Laser Application?

After all laser treatments, the skin becomes sensitive. Therefore, the sun, etc. becomes unprotected against harmful external factors. The sun is also the biggest risk for people who have undergone skin rejuvenation with Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser. It is necessary to pay attention to the regular use of sunscreen in order to prevent the formation of spots on the skin again and to prevent excessive drying and damage to the skin. Sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30 should be used and the recommendations of the doctor who performed the procedure should be taken into account.

Ankara Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser Prices

In laser skin rejuvenation prices, the number of sessions to be applied and the needs of the person should be taken into account. If our patient is young and the tissues are fresh, 2-3 sessions may be sufficient. However, if the deformation is high, it will be necessary to increase the number of sessions. You can contact our clinic directly to learn about our skin rejuvenation prices tailored to your needs; You can get detailed information. Skin Rejuvenation with Fractional Laser Ankara Fractional laser, also known as “fractional carbon dioxide laser”, is one of the most effective applications in skin rejuvenation thanks to its skin rejuvenating feature. Our skin wears out over time. As a result, lines appear on the edges of the eyes and lips, tissues sag; the person’s expression begins to radiate a tired energy. Reducing all these skin imperfections for skin rejuvenation; the skin should regain a bright and smooth appearance. At this point, the fractional laser helps to completely renew the skin by both cleaning the spots and strengthening the collagen bonds. In the rest of our article, we will answer your questions about skin rejuvenation with fractional laser. If you want to get information about fractional laser and other skin applications in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.