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Body Analysis

Body Analysis Ankara

Sports and diet are indispensable for permanent and healthy weight loss. However, to fully determine the needs of the body for a healthy weight loss process; It needs to be analyzed correctly. Sports and diet programs should also be calculated by looking at the daily calorie needs of each individual and their physical characteristics. Body analysis, at this point, is one of the most important needs of people who will prefer a healthy lifestyle. It reveals the fat and muscle ratio of the body in detail; At the same time, body analysis, which provides many important information about our physical structure, is one of the most important stages of the healthy weight loss process. In the continuation of our article, “What is body analysis, how is it done?” You will find answers to your questions such as: For body analysis in Ankara and to get more detailed information about weight loss, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

Why is Body Analysis Performed?

Body analysis; It is done to take the right steps in the slimming process and to lose weight effectively with the right diet and exercise. The physical characteristics of each individual are different. Even if people who want to lose weight are of similar weight, the ratio of muscle and fat in the body is variable. Knowing the person’s body also helps to make the most effective sports and nutrition plan in the slimming process. At the same time, sugar, hypoglycemia, cholesterol, etc. In diseases, body analysis may be needed to gain a new nutritional habit and to start using drugs. According to the type of disease, the body structure of the patient should be well understood; Accordingly, treatment planning should be made. Body analysis; height, waist and hip measurements, bone weight, amount of edema in the body, etc. Thanks to the detailed information it gives on many subjects, it reveals the physical structure of the body in a mapped manner. Thus, targets in the slimming process can be determined. The daily amount of calories to be taken and the choice of exercise can be made according to the results observed in the body analysis.

What Should Be Considered While Having Body Analysis?

Our metabolism works like a working clock. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful at some points in order to make the most accurate measurement in body analysis;
  • Body analysis should preferably be done fasting. Even if it is not possible for the person to be completely hungry, food should have been eaten 3-4 hours before the analysis and the digestion process should have started.
  • Women who are on their menstrual period are preferred to have a body analysis until the end of their period.
  • Flu, cold etc. In diseases that lower the immune system, waiting until recovery and measuring helps to get healthier results.

Why is Body Analysis Important?

The importance of having a slim and fit body is understood more and more today. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping weight under control is very important for both an aesthetic appearance and a healthy body. Body analysis helps the steps to be taken for this purpose to be more accurate and balanced. It should be done for a permanent and controlled weight loss process, especially in people with high cholesterol, hypoglycemia and diabetes.

How is Body Analysis Performed?

Body analysis is not the same as body mass index. Body mass index is determined by calculations made with the person’s height, weight, age and gender. However, body analysis is done with a special computerized measurement system. During body analysis, the person stands on the measuring device with bare feet. The device’s special electrical transmission system scans the entire body. The information obtained as a result of scanning is converted into computer data and analyzed. The technology used in body analysis is completely safe. There is no risk in terms of health. The measurement is completed quickly and the person does not feel anything. Since it is a fast and reliable analysis, anyone can have a body analysis, regardless of age, gender, weight.

Ankara Body Analysis Prices

The best addresses you can apply for body analysis in Ankara are clinics where specialist doctors in the field of weight loss serve. Body analysis; The fact that it is done by experienced doctors who know the human anatomy well increases the reliability of the measurement. For this reason, you can contact our clinic directly to get information about body analysis in Ankara and to learn about our body analysis prices.