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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care Ankara

Youth and beauty have been considered valuable in every period of history. The situation is the same today. For this reason, there is a great interest in skin care applications that prevent aging and protect the youth and radiance of the skin. Fortunately, thanks to the developing technology, it is now much easier to have a young and well-groomed skin. Anti-aging skin care applications made for this purpose; It is possible to challenge the years thanks to botox, filler and laser treatments… In this article, you can find detailed information about skin care procedures that are effective in anti-aging, that is, prevent aging. For information on anti-aging skin care prices in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Anti-Aging Skin Care?

Anti-aging skin care; These are skin applications that reduce the negative effects of aging, prevent the formation of wrinkles and make the skin tighter. With advancing age, our skin wears out a little more every day. Tissues lose their elasticity and begin to sag. This manifests itself as wrinkles on the cheeks, sagging skin and tired expression. This can become an aesthetic problem for people who feel young and energetic. Everyone wants their skin to always look attractive and smooth. Anti-aging applications are the most effective and comfortable way to respond to this request of our patients.

What are Anti-Aging Skin Care Applications?

Anti-aging skin care applications; These are procedures that support, nourish and strengthen the skin in many ways. Mesotherapy procedures, which provide the vitamin support that the skin needs, “botulinum toxin” injection, which is effective in removing wrinkles, and skin applications with laser can be counted among the anti-aging skin care procedures. At the same time, hydrafacial skin care, which ensures the protection and regeneration of the skin’s moisture balance, is also considered among the anti-aging skin care applications. Anti-aging skin care applications;
  • Chemical peeling
  • PRP treatment (Skin renewal process by enriching the platelet cells taken from the person’s own blood)
  • Mesotherapy and vitamin injections
  • Hyaluronic acid applications
  • Botox and filler procedures
  • Skin resurfacing with Q-Switched Fat laser and fractional laser
  • Face lift with radiofrequency
  • Thread face lift
  • Fibrocell (Stem cell therapy)
  • Hydrafacial md power can be listed as skin care.

Who Can Do Anti-Aging Skin Care?

Anti-aging skin care is a procedure that we usually apply to our patients aged 30 and over. Because these are the ages when fine wrinkles start to appear and the skin starts to lose its old elasticity. Anyone who wants to feel good despite the advancing time and to feel confident every time they take care of their skin can have anti-aging treatments. However, in terms of health;
  • People with skin infections
  • For pregnant and lactating
  • It is a better choice not to apply anti-aging treatments to people with cancer or suspected cancer.

How to Do Anti-Aging Skin Care?

Anti-aging skin care can be done with the injection method or with the preferred process-specific devices. Injection methods are used for Botox, mesotherapy and other filling procedures. Special polyoxidanon threads are used in thread facelift. These threads are placed all over the face from the hairy areas behind the head and ears. Devices that produce heat energy are used in radiofrequency and laser processes. The application can be done with the help of gel or by direct skin contact. In the hydrafacial skin care application, hydrafacial technology is used. With a vacuum device that cleans the skin, special serums and peeling applications, the skin is deeply cleaned and renewed.

Ankara Anti-Aging Skin Care

What is important in anti-aging Ankara applications is the needs of the person. Different skin applications may be preferred depending on the skin structure, the age of the person and the desired results. You can contact our clinic to get information about our anti-aging skin applications and prices; You can make an appointment at any time.