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Mesotherapy Ankara

Mesotherapy Ankara; It is an application that gives effective results in many areas such as removing skin defects, slimming, cellulite and hair loss treatment. It is generally known as a procedure for tightening the skin, making it shiny and smooth. However, nowadays it is used more and more for the treatment of hair loss and for weight loss. Especially liposuction etc. It is often preferred because it is more practical and painless than other applications that provide regional thinning. In this article, we will give information about how mesotherapy is used for weight loss and what weight loss mesotherapy is. For more detailed information about mesotherapy, you can contact our clinic in Ankara. Dr. You can browse our other articles to learn about other weight loss practices applied by Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Mesotherapy?

Before talking about mesotherapy applications for weight loss, let’s talk about what mesotherapy is: Mesotherapy; It is made by injecting a special mixture containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that the skin needs. The most important feature is that it provides direct delivery of the enriched mixture that nourishes the skin to the tissues. Creams and other cosmetic products do not initiate the intensive regeneration process in the skin, as they act on the upper layers of the skin. Mesotherapy application, on the other hand, ensures that the damaged tissues in the skin make the best use of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, its effect is much stronger and more pronounced. While the mixture prepared in mesotherapy initiates the regeneration process in the skin, it also provides cell renewal and shows different effects such as weakening and strengthening hair follicles.

Is Mesotherapy Used for Weight Loss?

One of the increasingly common uses of mesotherapy is weight loss. The mixture prepared for mesotherapy application provides revitalization and renewal of the skin, while accelerating blood circulation. Accelerating blood circulation means accelerating metabolism and increasing fat burning. With the activation of the cells responsible for fat burning and the start of a rapid regeneration process in the tissues, regional slimming is achieved. Fragmented fats are removed from the body through lymph channels and the slimming process is supported.

Who Can Have Weight Loss Mesotherapy?

The purpose of slimming mesotherapy; not to lose weight intensively, all at once; to provide regional analysis. For this reason, slimming mesotherapy gives the best results in people who are in the normal weight range and want to get rid of regional fat. Anyone who wants their body to be thinner, shaped and attractive can have mesotherapy.

How Is Slimming Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy Ankara applications are made by injection method. With the help of fine-tipped, small needles, the mesotherapy mixture is injected into the skin. Although the injection process intimidates our patients, pain or pain is not felt during the procedure. Anesthetic creams are used for mild pain that will occur at the time of injection. Thus, the mesotherapy application is completed in a way that is comfortable for our patients. People who have mesotherapy can return to their daily lives on the same day. Rarely, complaints such as excessive redness, irritation and edema are seen on the skin. These unexpected side effects are mostly caused by application errors. For this reason, mesotherapy must be applied by an experienced physician in a safe clinic, in a sterile environment. You can contact our clinic for detailed information on this subject.

How Much Weight Loss With Mesotherapy?

As in all weight loss applications, diet and sports have an important place in mesotherapy. If a healthy lifestyle is adopted during the mesotherapy process and the person continues to lose weight with his own efforts, great results can be achieved. It is also very important to avoid foods and beverages that store fat in the body during the sessions. Mesotherapy provides a thinning of up to 15 – 20 cm in the applied area.

How Many Sessions Is Mesotherapy Performed?

One of the most frequently asked questions about slimming mesotherapy is the number of sessions. However, it is not possible to give precise information on this issue. Because each patient’s body structure and target weight is different. It may be necessary to increase the number of sessions to increase weight loss. This depends on the regions where the lubrication is concentrated. Generally speaking; 10 to 15 sessions are sufficient.

When Does Weight Loss Start With Mesotherapy?

The effects of slimming mesotherapy are seen quickly. After about 2-3 sessions, a noticeable thinning begins in the treated area. If a person does not neglect diet and exercise, the results will show much faster. When the process is completed, it is possible to have a thin and elegant body.

Ankara Mesotherapy Prices

If mesotherapy is applied to many areas at the same time, the effect of thinning and tightening will be seen in the whole body. For this reason, many people have mesotherapy applied to more than one area and accelerate the slimming process considerably. The number of application areas and the number of sessions are decisive in mesotherapy prices. For this reason, you can learn the prices of Ankara mesotherapy directly by contacting our clinic; You can make an appointment at any time.