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Filling Applications

Filling Applications Ankara

Filling applications Ankara; It is done in order to eliminate the defects that make the skin look old and tired, to strengthen the collapsed tissues and to give the skin a young and attractive appearance. With the effect of time, the tissues in our body begin to weaken. As the tissues weaken, collapses occur in our face and hands. Although the weakening of the tissues is natural in the process of aging, it can cause a person to look tired. This can be disturbing, especially for women who want to challenge the years and highlight the beauty of their skin at any age. Some people may want to change the shape of their chin or the volume of their cheekbones. Filling applications provide a clear reduction of these skin defects thanks to hyaluronic acid. The volume of the tissues supported by hyaluronic acid increases and the moisture balance of the skin is preserved. For more detailed information about filling applications, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz; You can visit our clinic in Ankara at any time.

What are Filling Applications?

Filling applications are applications to eliminate skin defects in the face and hand area and to preserve the vitality of the skin. Purpose; to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, to increase the volume of the tissues, thus to provide a proportional appearance in every part of the face.

Where Are Filling Applications Made?

Filling; It provides regeneration of the skin in the applied area, equalization of the skin tone, strengthening of the tissues and increasing the volume. It is one of the most preferred skin rejuvenation methods, along with botox, in eliminating the defects on the face and hands.

Under the eyes





Nasolabial region (nose rim lines)



It can be applied to temples and hands.

Which Defects Can Be Corrected With Filling Applications?

  • With the moisture filling, intense moisture is provided to the skin. Thus, wrinkles due to dryness and facial expressions are removed.
  • With under-eye light filling, bruises under the eyes are removed, and under-eye bags are reduced. Under-eye light filling; It helps to create a young, lively and dynamic expression instead of tired and old looks.
  • With lip augmentation, the lips are thickened, the asymmetrical structure of the lips is corrected and the lip has a smoother structure.
  • With cheekbone filling, the cheekbones that give the face a V shape are made more protruding.
  • With nasolabial filling, deep lines extending from the nose to the lips are reduced.
  • With cheek fillers, the disproportionateness of the cheeks can be corrected. The sunken image due to aging is prevented.
  • With the chin and jawline filling, the jaw line is made more prominent. Disproportion and collapses in the chin are eliminated.
  • Slight deformation and curvature of the nose can be corrected with nasal filling. It is ensured that the nose structure is proportional and compatible with the face shape.
  • With hand filling, aging and tissue loss hands look fuller and healthier. The hand is prevented from appearing excessively bony and the skin is rejuvenated.

How Are Filling Applications Made?

“Hyaluronic acid” is used in filling applications. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in the skin itself, providing intense moisture in the area where it is located. With aging, the support of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. At the same time, the skin tissues are supported by the hyaluronic acid support in the filling procedures performed for our young patients. The tissues in the application area become stronger, collagen production is supported. This is effective in eliminating structural defects in areas such as cheeks, nose and chin.

When Is the Effect of Filling Applications Seen?

Filling applications are very advantageous for our patients as they are both non-surgical and give quick results. After the filler is applied, it has an immediate effect on the tissues. The bright, healthy and proportional appearance of the face can be noticed at first glance. The best results occur after 1 – 2 weeks.

Are Filling Applications Permanent?

Fill operations are not permanent operations. Filling application must be repeated in order to maintain the tight and healthy appearance of the skin. In filling applications, the duration of permanence varies from person to person. If the application area is active areas such as lips or cheeks, the permanence time of the filler will be slightly shorter. Generally speaking; The permanence period of the filler is 12 – 18 months.

Ankara Filling Applications Prices

There are many factors that affect the prices of filler applications. The area where the filling is made, the amount of hyaluronic acid to be applied and the clinical environment affect the filling prices. If more than one area is to be filled, the prices should be calculated accordingly. Therefore, by contacting our clinic, you can specify the areas you want to have fillers and get information about our prices.