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Treatment Of Capillaries With Laser

Treatment Of Capillaries With Laser Ankara

Today, one of the areas where laser therapy is actively used is the treatment of capillaries. Even if the capillaries do not cause any health problems, they can disturb the person in appearance. The capillaries, especially concentrated in areas such as the face and hands, immediately catch the eye. In this case, it may be preferable to reduce the appearance of capillaries. Capillary vessel treatment with laser is an application usually performed with Nd: Yag laser. The most important effect of the laser on the capillary; It acts directly on hemoglobin cells. About Nd: Yag laser and capillary therapy, Dr. You can get detailed information about Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

Why Do Capillaries Occur?

Capillaries are thin vascular structures found in our body. They are located under the skin tissue and help the blood to spread to the whole body in a healthy way. When they expand for various reasons, they rise to the surface and become evident. Capillaries commonly;
  • Genetic predisposition
  • harmful habits; alcohol, smoking and drug use
  • Prolonged and unprotected sun exposure
  • They occur due to pregnancy and hormonal problems.

How Are Capillaries Treated With Laser?

Today, cosmetic products have diversified and have become responsive to many skin problems. For this reason, cream and so on in the treatment of capillaries. products can be supported. However, the most effective method in capillary treatment is laser. Because externally applied cosmetic products do not affect the lower layers of the skin and may be insufficient for treatment. The laser, on the other hand, affects the lower layers of the skin. It targets hemoglobin cells that cause the appearance of capillaries. It makes the skin smooth, repaired and regenerated again.

Which laser is used in the treatment of capillaries with laser?

Nd: Yag laser is used in the treatment of capillaries with laser. Nd: Yag laser is a laser that reaches deep into the skin thanks to its wavelength of 1064 nm. Therefore, it easily affects the capillaries. During the application, the areas where the capillaries are dense are scanned with the laser device.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Capillary Treatment Take?

In the treatment of capillaries with laser, the regeneration process of the skin starts from the first session. However, the sessions need to be repeated in order to get the most effective results from the procedure. The number of sessions in the treatment of capillaries with laser is determined according to the density of the capillaries. Each session is completed in about 15 – 30 minutes. As with all laser applications, it would be the right decision to put 4-6 weeks between sessions and wait for the skin to recover.

Is There Any Pain In The Treatment Of Capillaries With Laser?

While performing skin applications with laser, a little pain may be felt. The intensity of the pain felt depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the pain threshold of the person. In some of our patients, the application can be performed without any anesthetic cream. There is no unbearable pain, especially in short sessions. However, in order for our patients to be comfortable and feel comfortable, anesthetic cream can be applied when necessary. Thus, capillary treatment is completed comfortably and effectively for everyone.

Ankara Capillary Treatment Prices

Capillary treatment is a process that should be planned completely according to the needs of the person and the skin structure. Therefore, the number and frequency of sessions varies from person to person. At the same time, the characteristics of the application area are also important in the treatment of capillaries. Capillary treatment is very reliable when it is done by a doctor who is an expert in the field. The laser does not damage the capillaries themselves. It acts only on hemoglobin cells and prevents the vessels from appearing prominently. For this reason, many people who are disturbed by the appearance of capillaries can have a radiant skin again thanks to the laser. For detailed information about laser prices and capillary treatment in Ankara, you can contact our clinic directly or make an appointment.