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Facial Mesotherapy and Vitamin Injection

Facial Mesotherapy and Vitamin Injection Ankara

Facial mesotherapy; It is a procedure performed to give the tissues of the face the vitamins, minerals and enzymes they need. External factors such as aging, sun, stress and air pollution cause our skin to wear out. With advancing age, the skin needs to be supported in order to maintain its strength and flexibility. Although creams or lotions containing hyaluronic acid and minerals support the strengthening of the skin, they do not provide complete repair and regeneration. Deep-acting, powerful skin treatments are needed to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin tissue. Facial mesotherapy; It is a practical and effective application that meets this need. Mesotherapy and vitamin injection are increasingly preferred in skin rejuvenation because it is applied with a simple injection method and has almost no side effects. For detailed information about facial mesotherapy and other non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods, our clinic in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy; It is a skin rejuvenation application made by injecting a mixture strengthened with vitamins A, C, B, K, coenzyme and amino acids into the skin. Mesotherapy, which is accepted among the non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods; It is effectively used in the treatment of many skin problems, especially the removal of wrinkles. The biggest advantage of mesotherapy; direct penetration into tissues. Most of the skin supplements taken orally or applied externally are eliminated from the body. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, delivers its nutritive content directly to the tissues and strengthens the skin.

What is Facial Mesotherapy (Mesolifting)?

The mesotherapy process applied to the face area is called “mesolifting”, that is, facial mesotherapy. Since facial mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, it provides rejuvenation of the skin without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the face. For this reason, it does not prevent the social life of the person and ensures the rejuvenation of the skin without any pain.

For What Purpose Is Facial Mesotherapy Done?

One of the most beneficial features of mesolifting is to protect the moisture balance of the skin. Most of the signs of aging on our face arise from the loss of moisture. The biggest factor in the formation of wrinkles and mimic lines is moisture loss. Facial mesotherapy creates a natural lifting effect by regaining the moisture lost to the skin. Thus, it provides revitalization of the skin.

To prevent aging of the skin, to ensure the recovery of sagging tissues

Elimination of fine wrinkles

To keep the skin moist

It can be done for the treatment of skin blemishes.

How is Facial Mesotherapy Done?

In facial mesotherapy, cocktails prepared according to the needs of each patient are used. These cocktails can be strengthened with hyaluronic acid when necessary and the effect of the process can be increased. All materials used in facial mesotherapy are approved by the “American Food and Drug Administration”. Therefore, we can say that the application is quite safe. Unexpected side effects are often caused by faulty applications. For this reason, mesotherapy application should be done by a specialist doctor. Mesolifting application is done by injection. The prepared cocktail is injected into the desired areas of the face. The pain felt during the injection is very minimal. However, anesthetic cream is applied to make our patients with sensitive skin comfortable. Thus, pain or pain is not felt during the application.

How Many Sessions Is Facial Mesotherapy Performed?

The positive effects of facial mesotherapy continue to increase from the first session. However, in order to get the best results, the sessions should be continued in accordance with the structure of the skin. Usually 3-4 sessions are sufficient. However, it would be best to determine the number of sessions according to the skin structure of the person and the intensity of the skin defects. If the tissues are still strong and flexible, even a single session may be sufficient.

When Does Mesolifting Show Its Effect?

The positive effects of facial mesotherapy are reflected on the skin quickly. The skin begins to gain a bright, clear and collected appearance. Since one of the obvious effects of mesolifting is skin rejuvenation, wrinkles begin to decrease in a short time. Skin tone is evened and tissues are renewed. Thus, a smooth, tense and radiant skin appearance is gained. The best results are usually seen within 1 – 2 months after the sessions. If the person wishes, he/she can have the mesolifting process repeated every 6 months. Since the mesotherapy mixture has natural and nutritious content, there is no harm in renewing the application.

Ankara Facial Mesotherapy Prices

Facial mesotherapy Ankara prices may vary according to the mixture to be prepared and the region to be applied. More balanced and effective results are obtained from applications applied to the entire face. However, the higher the area where the application is made, the higher the prices will be. For this reason, first of all, the results that the patient wants to get from the procedure should be taken into account and personalized planning should be made from the cocktail to the number of sessions. You can call our clinic for detailed information about facial mesotherapy prices in Ankara.