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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy Ankara

Ozone therapy Ankara; It is a treatment method that has a complementary effect especially in the treatment of heart and vascular diseases, renewing cells and strengthening the body. It is also known as “oxygen therapy” or “ozone therapy”. Ozone therapy, which enables the body to receive high levels of oxygen and strengthens the immune system, also plays an active role in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer. In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about ozone therapy. You can read our other articles to get more detailed information about complementary treatments; Our clinic in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.

What is Ozone Therapy?

ozone therapy; It is an effective complementary treatment method that enables the body to gain strength and renew the cells. Oxygen; It is our most important need, which affects all the functions of the body and which we can call the source of life. It is very important for the adequate functioning of our internal organs and the regulation of blood flow. Especially in the treatment of damage in some parts of the body, it has a healing effect by providing intense oxygen. Under normal conditions, the air we breathe contains about 21% oxygen. The purpose of ozone therapy; to maximize the amount of oxygen taken and to ensure that the cells make the best use of oxygen.

How Is Ozone Therapy Done?

Ozone therapy is done in a high pressure environment. During the application, a high rate of oxygen is given to the body. Oxygen dissolved in plasma acts directly on the autoimmune system. It regulates blood flow and helps maintain vascular health. It can be an adequate treatment method even alone, especially in circulatory diseases.

Which Diseases Is Ozone Therapy Used For?

The scope of ozone therapy is quite wide. Eyes, veins, internal organs and our skin are positively affected by oxygen. For this reason, ozone therapy is preferred as a complementary therapy in the treatment of many diseases. If we list the diseases that ozone therapy affects;
Circulatory Disorders: Blood and circulatory diseases are the leading diseases in which ozone therapy is most effective. Complaints such as numbness, tingling, chills and pain in the feet and hands, especially due to diabetes, are significantly reduced by ozone therapy.
Cancer: One of the strongest effects of ozone therapy is to strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system is the most important shield of our body, enabling us to challenge many diseases. The most positive contribution to the treatment process in cancer is the strengthening of the autoimmune system. For this reason, ozone therapy is also applied to people with cancer and plays an active role as a complementary treatment in the fight against cancer.
Skin Defects and Skin Diseases: It is known that the intense oxygen entering the body rejuvenates the tissues, renews the skin and reduces skin problems. For this reason, one of the most frequently used areas of ozone therapy is skin treatments. Along with skin defects, skin fungi, bacteria and skin infections can also be eliminated with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy also gives effective results in the removal of acne and pimples, as it reduces the infection on the skin.
Eye Diseases: The extent to which ozone therapy is effective in eye diseases is still a controversial issue. However, the general opinion is that ozone therapy is especially successful in the treatment of eye diseases that occur due to old age.

What are the Effects of Ozone Therapy?

  • ozone therapy; It provides regeneration of cells and strengthening of tissues thanks to intense oxygen.  
  • After ozone therapy sessions, the amount of oxygen in the body increases significantly.  
  • Ozone therapy is a reliable procedure. Therefore, it does not have a negative effect on the main treatment process. This advantage of ozone therapy is very important especially for strenuous treatment processes such as cancer treatment.  
  • It is a fast and effective process. It helps the body stay fit and helps patients adapt to daily life more easily.  
  • It is very effective in making the skin look brighter, radiant and lively.

Ankara Ozone Therapy Prices

Of course, one of the most curious things about ozone therapy is the prices of the treatment. Prices in ozone therapy vary according to the purpose of the application, how many sessions will be applied and the needs of the person. For this reason, we can say that ozone therapy prices are personal, just like the treatment process. For information about ozone therapy treatment and prices in Ankara, Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurtulmaz.